How to order a print

   First go to my online galley select an image. Once you find a photograph that you'd like to purchase click on " Buy Photo" in the middle top of the screen. This will display the size and price options.
Feel free to Email, Facebook Messenger or call 763-229-4101 to place an order.
Prints order online are printed on Kodak Professional Endura Premier Metallic paper and will be delivered in a tube ready to be matted and framed Canvas Wraps are constructed using artist grade canvas that is hand stretched around wooden stretcher bars ready to display on your walls..

How to Clean Canvas Print

The best cleaning technique is to dust the canvas with a soft, lint-free, dry cloth or feather duster. If your canvas requires deeper cleaning, use a lint-free, clean cloth with warm soapy water and gently rub the affected areas. Do not immerse in water or use cleaning products as these can damage the material.

Print Life (longevity)

   Kodak Professional Endura Premier Metallic papers: 100 years in typical home display, 200 years in dark storage. spec sheet 

   Canvas prints: 75 years in typical home display, up to200 years in dark storage.  

   Metal prints (ChromaLuxe Photo Panels): Two independent and highly respected research and testing laboratories have conducted environmental life tests on ChromaLuxe Photo Panels and have clearly concluded that ChromaLuxe HD Metal prints are the longest lasting photo medium in the market. The first laboratories’ testing replicated the effects of incandescent lighting along with indirect natural sunlight against the likelihood of noticeable fading over time. ChromaLuxe was compared against the top three long-lasting (archival) photo papers with test results showing that ChromaLuxe lasts twice as long as the next closest photo paper and four times longer than the third best photo paper.  

Other Print options

   Photographs can be printed on several different materials including aluminum, acrylic, and wood.
Aluminum Metal Prints, the most vibrant of all print media, are created by infusing an image onto raw aluminum.
Acrylic prints are printed on quarter-inch acrylic for enhanced depth and radiance.
Wood prints are printed on real, maple wood for a natural, totally unique look.
Email or call 763-229-4101 if interested in one of these options.

Where to purchase frames

9x12 Craig Frames      8x16 Craig Frames       12x16 Craig Frames
11x11 Craig Frames      16x16 Craig Frames      16X22 Craig Frames They also have an Amazon store front and a Ebay Store front

9x12 Amazon       8x16 Amazon      12x16 Amazon
11x11 Amazon      16x16 Amazon       16x22 Amazon

How to touch up black frame

  Minwax® Gel Stain Black that you can purchase in 1/2 pint at Menards just dab a little on a Q-tip and spread over the bad spot on frame if needed you might want to rub with a dry paper towel to remove excess stain, let dry and you're all set.

Northern Lights

The Solar Cycle and is measured by the number of sunspots visible on the sun. The more sunspots, the more solar flare energy is being released into space which means more aurora activity. Here's a prediction on the sunspot for the coming decade, many have predicted an even-weaker solar cycle 25 for the coming decade but two scientists from India have a new predictive model, based on computer simulations, suggesting otherwise.

Find a location with little to no light pollution light polluted map Black areas on the map are great for shooting the night sky, while white areas on the map are light polluted and should be avoided. 

   Next you'll need clear skies Real-Time U.S. Composite Satellite make sure the location that you're looking at will have clear skies. 

   Now you'll just need to know if the Northern Lights will be active enough to see. There are many different resources for checking aurora activity, which all depend on your location.
Usually it’s best to aim for nights with KP-index of 4 or greater, otherwise you really won’t see much aurora in the sky. KP Index Explained – See The Aurora
The aurora activity index Kp-index ranges from 0-9 with 0 being the lowest amount of activity and 9 being the greatest.
Here's a good 3 Day Aurora Forecast site here's another 30 minute forecast site and a good 30 day forecasting site.
A Facebook group that is fairly active when the northern lights are out or a good chance of them being out in the upper midwest.

Other resorces 1 hour History Spaceweather Kp Soft Serve Kp 30min Space Weather Enthusiasts Auroral oval

Kp Index
Kp Index
Auroral Oval
Index Auroral Oval
Current Moon Phase
Current Moon Phase
Cloud Cover
Current Cloud Cover
Current Moon Phase
Kp Index
Cloud Cover
Future Cloud Cover

My Photography Gear

Nikon D750 & Nikon D600
Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 EX DG Macro Len
Tamron SP 15-30mm
Sigma 50-500mm f/4-6.3 EX DG HSM Lens
Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 EX DG
Nikon AF-S 50mm F1.4G
Tamron SP 180mm F/3.5 Di LD 1:1 Macro
Ravelli APGL3 Professional 66" Tripod
Manfrotto 290 Light Tripod with Ball Head
Camera Bag:
Case Logic DSH-103 Luminosity Large Pro DSLR Holster (Black)
Ape Case ACPROLC18 Professional Large Lens Case
Tamrac Velocity 8x Pro Sling Pack


Current Clouds
Rain Radar
10 day Forcast
Future rain forcast
Future Cloud forcast
Future Cloud forcast 2
MN Fall colors
Internet Speed Test
Lightning Strikes